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Clinic Re-Open on July 20

May 20, 2020


News regarding Clinic Re-opening

The beginning of Term 3 in South Australia will be on Monday the 20th of July* We will begin to see clients face to face again in the clinic after this date.

When we re-open we will still be observing social distancing measures including:

  • Everyone Keeping a 1.5 m distance between all people in the clinic.
  • Waiting in building lobby if waiting room becomes too full to maintain a 1.5m distance. (There is extra furniture in the building lobby now) Alternatively please wait in your car or pop to shops next door if waiting for a child in therapy and our waiting room is too full.
  • Extra cleaning and sanitizing in the clinic
  • Food will still not be prepared in the clinic and wrapped lollies only may be provided to clients.
  • Soft Drink and Bottled Water is ok to distribute to clients.

Reception will head back earlier to work from the clinic from Tuesday June 9*

Sara (our new receptionist) will work in the clinic Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Brooke will mainly work from home but will be present on Wednesdays in the clinic from now on.

If you have questions about our clinic re-opening please email:

*These dates are providing there are no more major outbreaks of COVID 19 in South Australia between now and then

Posted 20 May 2020


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