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Clinic Update Monday 26 July 2021

July 26, 2021

Hi everyone

We will re-open on Wednesday the 28th of July but with several important restrictions :

Because we work with very vulnerable people and because we are rated as

‘a high-risk healthcare centre’

we will be:

  • absolutely avoiding complacency
  • wearing masks at all times
  • requesting that our adolescent and adult clients to also wear masks
  • keeping our distance as much as possible – definitely no hand shaking etc
  • requesting clients who are unwell to stay home and get tested.
  • request clients who appear to be unwell to leave if they do come into the clinic.
  • keeping the number of people per room to an absolute minimum
  • sanitising hands frequently – washing hands with soap and water regularly throughout the day – more often than usually
  • sanitise doorknobs, surfaces, and phones regularly
  • clean desks with an anti-bacterial spray between each client
  • Asking clients to wait in cars or outside in Lobby if more than three people in the waiting room
  • Requesting that payments be made via Stripe online as much as possible. If you are not offered Stripe to pay please enquire if this is an option for you
  • Encouraging workers to complete Covid Vaccination requirements asap

Please do not spend more time in the clinic than is absolutely necessary.

If you would prefer to conduct sessions via Zoom please enquire as to whether this would be suitable for you by calling either:

Sara on Office mobile : 0430 445 578

Brooke on her work mobile : 0400 640 932

Please Please Please Please …………do not attend our clinic with any illness or even mild symptoms.

Keep Warm and look after yourselves



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