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Payment Guidelines (Reviewed 15 Aug 2023)

Initial Consultation / Assessment

Private Client 60 minutes $227.00​
Private Client 90 minutes $282.00

NDIS Client 60 minutes $193.99​
NDIS Client 90 minutes $290.98

Standard Consultation / Assessment

Private Client 45 minutes $159.00
Private Client 60 minutes $189.00​
Private Client 90 minutes $239.00

NDIS Client 45 minutes $145.49
NDIS Client 60 minutes $193.99​
NDIS Client 90 minutes $290.98
NDIS Client 120 minutes = $387.98

NDIS School Visit 60 Minutes = $193.99
NDIS School Meeting 60 Minutes = $193.99
NDIS School Meeting 90 minutes = $290.98
NDIS School Meeting 120 minutes = $387.98

NDIS Group Therapy

Cost per hour $193.99 divided per participant (usually 3 in group) $64.66ea
Most Sessions are 1.5 hrs $290.98 divided per participant (usually 3 in group) $96.99ea

Reports / Letters

Private Client Report = $239.00
Private Client Basic Letter = $159.00​
Private Client Longer Letter = $189.00

NDIS Comprehensive Report = $581.97
NDIS Client Basic Letter = $145.49
NDIS Client Longer Letter = $193.33

Payment Options

Payment is required on the day of consultation/treatment.

An itemised account and receipt will be given to you.This Practice does not provide credit unless prior arrangements have been made with Dr Hill. All accounts must be paid in full within 7 days of receiving the invoice. Late payment will attract a 8.57%p.a. accounting fee plus GST.

Stripe payments are now available through our Invoicing system. You will see a ‘pay now’ button on your invoice if this option is available for your service.

Online Transfer (Please contact us for BSB and Account number) – Please include the client name and invoice number or date of service for our easy recognition of your payment.

Telephone  (08) 8267 3488

In person at the clinic via Cash, Visa/Amex/MasterCard, EFTPOS or HiCAPS.

Account Enquiries

For all account queries please contact Brooke James email preferred ​

Mobile: 0400 640 932 – monitored only during business hours (Mon – Fri 9-5)

Cancellations and Non-Attendance

To avoid being charged a cancellation fee our practice requires 48 hours (Two working days) notice of a cancellation by email to

Our clinic and therapists are both in high demand and we need to be able to offer your unused time slot to someone anxiously awaiting therapy if you are unable to attend. Cancellation fees will now be charged at the following rates if the 48 hr (Two Business Days by email) notice period is not provided to us by

email to

Cancellation Fees are as follows :

45 min missed session = $75.00
60 min missed session = $100.00​
90 min missed session = $150.00

120 min missed session = $200.00

If you have already missed the appointment and did not give 48hrs (Two Business Days by email) notice these fees will not be able to be waived. If you repeatedly cancel throughout the year more than five sessions even with 48 hours notice (Two Business Days by Email) you will be charged a cancellation fee for any remaining sessions cancelled through that calendar year.

A cancellation is now a short notice cancellation where the participant:

does not show up for a scheduled support within a reasonable time, or is not present at the agreed place and within a reasonable time when the provider is travelling to deliver the support; or has given less than 48 Hours ( two business days) in writing by email notice.

Non-Payment If an account continues to remain unpaid then future valuable appointments may be cancelled and offered to new clients waiting – except in exceptional circumstances. To avoid loss of valuable appointment slots please continue to ensure your account is paid in full. If you have questions about your account or NDIS Service Agreement please call us on contact details listed above.  We will help you understand what your financial responsibility is with our practice.

Privacy Policy

All client information is kept strictly confidential, except where clients give permission for information to be shared with other professionals. A detailed privacy policy may be obtained from Dr Virginia Hill or click here for the online version.

Attendance at this practice is taken as your legal agreement to pay the fees charged.


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